Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Road to Bronycon

There's this documentary available on Netflix right now titled Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.  You should watch it. You know... If you have Netflix. Though I'm sure if you do a little Google-Fu, it's extremely likely there's a full version to watch for free somewhere out there on the Great and Powerful Intrawebz.

My husband and I watched it about a month ago. I put it on my watch list because a.) I love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (also available on Netflix, up through season 3) and b.) I thought Bronies were a guy thing and was curious to learn more. I'm glad I watched the documentary, because it was extremely educational. The one thing I learned that makes me want to get up and dance with glee is that Bronies can be girls! Who knew!?

I also didn't know that there was a whole convention! I want to go to a Bronycon convention now so bad, and am super excited to take my girls with me! I just hope that MLP is still around for several more years to come so we can go and enjoy it together when they're older and we can afford it.

Today we went to Wally World (I mean Walmart) to spend some of the gift card money we got from Christmas from the ever so super generous Nana and Pops (my sister-in-law's inlaws). While roaming the toy aisles I came across a section of pegboard overloaded with MLP figures. Much to my delight, all of the six friends figures were available. With a little overeager and excited nudging, I managed to convince my eldest that that's what she wanted to get. I think my husband was worried I was pressuring her to get what I wanted her to get, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying, a little.

But I know my girls like My Little Pony, too. I've caught Lilah spontaneously breaking out into song, singing the intro theme, every now and then. Every time I play an episode, Amelia gets a super huge smile when that intro theme plays, and she starts dancing. She smiles whenever she sees one of the characters at the store. We bought her a big Princess Twilight Sparkle plushie. I'm not ashamed. Miss Lilah ended up playing with her ponies for two hours straight when we got home, and we had to forcibly remove them from her for dinner and bedtime.

Her cousin Alex is going to be excited to play with her this weekend. I remember her getting the Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girl doll for her birthday a few months back, and her telling me all about the storyline to the Equestria Girls movie (also available on Netflix), which I have since watched and totally loved. I wonder if she'd like to attend a Bronycon with us? Hm. Probably yes, but I don't know what her parents think. Note to self: ask them.

I just looked up BronyCon. It's held in Baltimore. This year it's August 1-3, and I'm talking to my husband right now about seriously going. Kids 5 and under get FREE access! I'm totally psyched!

It's funny. My husband and I always talked about nerding it up with our kids by taking them to nerdy conventions. We thought our first one would be Tekkoshocon, which is an anime and Japanese culture convention held in Pittsburgh every year. The first time I attended that was with my dear friend Ellen, whom I sadly don't talk to quite so much anymore. The following year my husband came with me. The year after that we took a couple of friends and rented a hotel. We haven't been back since, and I severely miss it, but I don't think anymore that this is the first CON experience I want to expose my children to.

I've got my eyes and heart set on BRONYCON now! I think Lilah will really enjoy it, even if she never remembers it years from now. I know her sister won't, but... How can I keep this kind of pure joy to myself?

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